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About Pocket Solutions 

We service the whole state of Florida. We will provide you the best of the best no matter where you are located here in the sunshine state! From the north of Jacksonville to the south of the Keys! We are skilled in serving you in all of your home improvement needs.

Palm Trees

Our Process

For each step along your project, We have a department to efficiently and precisely bring to completion.

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

Once you've chosen your project, Our Engineering Department take care of the design and develop a layout that then, will be presented to and submitted to your local city and county for approval.

Team Meeting

Project Management

No project is too big or too small for us. All of our project managers are in charge of using our step by step process in bringing each project to completion. Along the way we take care of all engineering, permitting, and installation process. Even better, you will be informed every step of the way! Making it seamless for you.

On-Site Consultations

All of our Sales Department Team come prepared! Once in your house, they have the tools readily available for you to receive a quote ON SITE guaranteed!


The Finishing


Even the littlest detail matters! When it comes time to finalize the project, we make sure we go through a checklist to bring the job complete! We show that in all of our work, keeping you satisfied, every time!

Our Quality Guarantee

Here at Pocket Solutions​ we make sure that the quality of your work is Top Tier. With an extensive interview process for all of our contractors we make sure you have the solution in your hands.

It all began in 2017, We came upon a realization of how difficult it can be to find reliable contractors who can not only exceed but also bring your vision to life. That is where we started, creating a group where we found where most contractors fail in the process. With extensive training and quarter revision conferences, it has allowed us to proper prevent and identify any issue that can arise, acting accordingly with a solution. We are about transparency. There is no hidden fees or any "catch" with us. That is the difference between us and the rest.  You as a homeowner, We want you to be informed about all possible options to move forward.

Ask about the Pocket Solutions Referral Program. We have great bonuses for our customers with every project that is referred. Yes you read that right PER PROJECT not per referral. Send them our way and make sure they tell us who sent them.

You have the project, We have the solution. 

Tell us about it today.

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